Goodluck Cosmetics is a sister concern cosmetic manufacturing house of Goodluck Kum Kum Works.
It specializes in contract manufacturing of modern day organic cosmetic-cum-result orientated products which benefits the end user aesthetically with benefits of natural and organic ingredients.

We specialize in manufacturing of organic Kajal, Baby kajal, and Mother-baby care products.

Our formulators, develop skin and hair care products especially for new born mothers and children.

Goodluck Cosmetics’ in-house Research & Development Team prides itself on product performance and innovation.
We are in-tune with the latest industry trends and constantly on the lookout for new and unique active organic ingredients, superior textures and best-in-class product formulations.

Working with Goodluck Cosmetics allows our partners to be both on trend and quick-to-market, maintaining the attention of an increasingly discerning consumer base while capitalizing on the latest products taking the industry by storm. With 50 years of accumulated experience and insight, our chemists and in-house laboratory team have no limit on what they can formulate for you.

Goodluck Cosmetics originally known as Goodluck Kumkum Works was started by our father Mr. Yusuf Fakhruddin Gandhi in 1969. 

While he began with making only kajal,surma, eye liners and mostly eye related products. We then went on to expand the manufacturing business.

Chemically formulated skincare, haircare and baby care are readily available but also harmful. Ethically sourced organic ingredients are rare to find. 

However, natural products do make alot of difference when used regularly and benefit the overall health of the individual and environment at large. 

We at Goodluck Cosmetics believe in bringing together the most premium and best quality raw materials to create the products that we do.